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Bleomycin sulfate is a chemotherapeutic agent commonly used to treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Bleomycin is a mixture of Bleomycin A2 and Bleomycin B2. The approximate composition of A2:B2 is 2:1. The compound is water soluble.

TOKU-E offers 5 forms of Bleomycin:

    CAS Number


    Mechanism of Action

    The exact mechanism of action Bleomycin sulfate is not well defined; however, it is thought to chelate metallic ions which decreases enzyme activity and stability. This effect is believed to cause the enzymes to react with oxygen, producing free radicals which create single stranded breaks in deoxyribose sugar.

    Storage Conditions

    2-8 °C

    Tariff Code



    Cancer Applications

    Chemotherapeutic agent for the treatment of Hodgkin's lymphoma.





    White or off-white crystalline powder


    Streptomyces verticillus


    4.5 - 6.0

    Loss on Drying


    Heavy Metals

    Copper: ≤0.1%



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