Our Company

When our doors first opened in 1981, we were a chemical trading company in Tokyo, Japan called TOKUICHI, which means ‘moral first’ in Japanese. Having established a firm foundation, our company focused on manufacturing antibiotics through fermentation, then specialized in pharma and biotech research sectors. To reflect our growth into a leading global antibiotic manufacturer, we updated our name to TOKU-E. Though we have expanded our scope to better serve our customers, we still maintain our strong moral fiber.

Our mission is to make the lives of research scientists simpler, through the innovative use of antimicrobials. By removing contamination and streamlining gene selection, we make room for discoveries in cell/plant biology, microbiology, virology, stem cell therapy, and cancer research.

Our robust development pipeline delivers novel antibiotic products that simplify your workflow, improve results, and save time.

TOKU-E Company conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard, and TOKU-E EU NV also conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We have facilities in the US, Europe, and Singapore to serve you globally, and our network of worldwide distributors offers region-specific expertise. 

We invite you to search through our offering of novel antimicrobial products and discover how they can simplify your research life today.