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    Demethylbleomycin A2 sulfate, EvoPure®

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    Demethylbleomycin A2 sulfate, EvoPure® (bleomycin impurity D) is a demethylated form of bleomycin A2 -  a major component in standard grade bleomycin. Demethylbleomycin A2 is formed by heating bleomycin A2. Demethylbleomycin A2 comprises approximately 3.0% of standard grade bleomycin. Demethylbleomycin A2 has been found to have high antimicrobial activity against Mycobacterium smegmatis compared to bleomycin A2. Additionally, demethylbleomycin A2 has a lower toxicity profile and greater antitumor properties than bleomycin A2.

    Molecular FormulaC54H81N17O21S3 · xH2SO4
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