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    CAS Number: 167612-17-1

    Terpendole I

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    Terpendole I is a polar analog of a rare family of indolediterpenes isolated from Albophoma yamanashiensis, first reported by Omura and colleagues at the Kitasato Institute, Japan in 1995. Terpendole I is a weak inhibitor of ACAT (acylCoA:cholesterol acyltransferase). The biosynthetic gene cluster coding for production of terpendoles was identified in 2012.

    Molecular Formula C27H35NO5

    Kobayashi T. et al. (1994)  Materials for the fungus flora of Japan (47). , Mycoscience 35:399

    Motoyama T. et al (2012)  Terpendole E, a kinesin Eg5 inhibitor, is a key biosynthetic intermediate of indole-diterpenes in the producing fungus Chaunopycnis alba.  Chem. Biol. 19:1611

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