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    CAS Number: 98-96-4


    ৳7,040.07 - ৳34,588.17

    Pyrazinamide is a sparingly soluble bactericidal antitubercular drug.

    Mechanism of ActionThe mechanism of pyrazinamide is not entirely understood. It is speculated that pyrazinamide enters a target cell and is converted into pyrazinoic acid (POA) which disrupts normal membrane permeability functions. Internal pH of the cell begins to decrease as POA accumulates in the cell’s cytoplasm which is thought to inhibit fatty acid synthase activity.
    SpectrumPyrazinamide is used almost exclusively against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    SolubilityAlcohol: Slightly soluble
    Methylene Chloride: Slightly soluble
    Water: Sparingly soluble
    Impurity ProfileHeavy Metals: ≤10ppm
    Chloride: ≤140ppm
    Sulphated Ash: ≤0.01%

    Cynamon, M. H., and Et Al. "Activity of N-propyl Pyrazinoate against Pyrazinamide-resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: Investigations into Mechanism of Action of and Mechanism of Resistance to Pyrazinamide." Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 39.6 (1995): 1269-271. American Society for Microbiology. Web. 28 Aug. 2012.