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    CAS Number: 28115-68-6


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    Pluviatolide is a butyrolactone lignan first isolated from the Australian native plant, Zanthoxylum pluviatile, by Taylor and Ritchie in 1970. More recently, Pluviatolide and the related hinokinin were reported as metabolites of the vine, Aristolochia constricta, and subsequently other genus. Pluviatolide exhibits antispasmodic effects, however its pharmacology has received little attention.

    Molecular Formula  C20H20O

    Corrie J.E. et al (1970) Chemical constituents of Australian Zanthoxylum species. V. Constituents of Z. [Zanthoxylum] pluviatile; the structures of two new lignans J. Chem. 23:133 

    Zhang et al (2008)  Chemical constituents of Aristolochia constricta: Antispasmodic effects of its constituents in guinea-pig ileum and isolation of a diterpeno-lignan hybrid. J. Nat. Prod. 71:1167