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    PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit


    The PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit quickly and reliably identifies Mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures.  Mycoplasma infection can induce cellular changes, like chromosome aberrations, morphological changes and altered cell growth.  The has a high degree of sensitivity for over 200 Mycoplasma strains while minimizing the risk of false positives.  It is important to screen for Mycoplasma in suspected cell cultures to deter more widespread contamination.  The MasterMix contains gel loading dye for convenient gel electrophoresis.  The Kit contains sufficient reagents for 100 reactions.

    The PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit contains the following:

    • 1.25 mL - 2X PCR Taq Mastermix
    • 100 µL - Mycoplasma primer mix
    • 250 µL - Mycoplasma positive control
    • 1.00 mL - Nuclease-free H20

    We also offer the following kits for Mycoplasma elimination:

    • De-Plasma™ (D022)
    • De-Plasma™ II (D030)
    Eukaryotic Cell Culture Applications Mycoplasma DNA in the cell culture supernatant is amplified via PCR and visualized using gel electrophoresis. In addition to the short detection process (less than 2 hours), the ease of handling and high sensitivity makes this product a convenient tool for routine examination of cell cultures and media.  Please consult Product Data Sheet for kit protocol.

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