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    CAS Number: 33069-62-4

    Paclitaxel (Taxol)


    Paclitaxel (Taxol) is a unique anti-tumor agent derived from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree. The molecule consists of a complex diterpene with a taxane ring. It is a potent anti-neoplastic and anti-mitotic compound.  

    Pacitaxel is sparingly soluble in ethanol, DMSO, and DMF.

    Mechanism of Action Paclitaxel has a unique mechanism of action.  In vitro, it enhances tubulin polymerization to stablize microtubules againse cold- and calcium-induced depolymerization.  It is unique among chemotherapeutic agents, polymerizing tubulin in the absence of cofactors.  Paclitaxel prevents tumor growth by stabilizing microtubules during mitosis in the G2/M growth phase leading to cell death.
    Cancer Applications Paclitaxel can be used to study effects on actively dividing tumor cells.  

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