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    CAS Number: 21411-53-0

    Ostreogrycin A

    10,238,163.75₫ - 35,693,707.50₫
    Ostreogrycin A (virginiamycin M1, streptogramin A) is the major component of the virginiamycin complex. In the 1950s this complex was independently discovered so many times that the literature became highly confusing. Ostreogrycin A is a macrocyclic lactone antibiotic that acts synergistically with the structurally unrelated cyclic depsipeptides, virginiamycin B (ostreogrycin B, streptogramin B) and virginiamycin S, to inhibit peptide elongation. Ostreogrycin A is highly active against Gram positive bacteria, particularly MRSA.

    Ostreogrycin A is soluble in DMF or DMSO. Moderately soluble in methanol or ethanol. Poor water solubility.
    Mechanism of ActionOstreogrycin A functions by blocking formation of a peptide bond between the growing peptide chain (peptidyl-tRNA) linked to the 50S ribosome and aminoacyl-tRNA.
    Molecular FormulaC28H35N3O7
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