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    CAS Number: 56691-88-4

    Galbinic Acid

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    Galbinic Acid (α-acetylsalazinic acid) is a depsidone isolated from the lichen, Usnea undulata. The structure of galbinic acid was elucidated by Elix, Australian National University in 1975. Galbinic Acid is moderately active against Gram-positive bacteria, however its bioactivity has not been extensively investigated.

    Molecular Formula  C20H14O11 

    Asahina Y and Tsukamoto T (1934)  Lichen substances. XLII. Constituents of some Usnea species, with special regard to compounds of the salazinic acid group.  Berichte der Deutschen Chemischen Gesellschaft [Abteilung] B: Abhandlungen 67B:963

    Elix JA and Engkaninan U (1975) Structure of galbinic acid. Depsidone from the lichen Usnea undulata. Aust. J. Chem. 28:1793

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