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    Enramycin is a polypeptide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces fungicidus and has a role as a food additive in Japan. Enramycin is composed of two different compounds: Enramycin A Enramycin B. The ratios of A and B varies but is typically ~70:30. Enramycin is slightly soluble in water and freely soluble in dilute HCl solution.

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    Mechanism of Action Enramycin acts as a MurG inhibitor involved peptidoglycan synthesis in Gram-positive bacteria. MurG catalyzes the transglycosylation reaction in the last step of peptidoglycan biosynthesis. Inhibition of this step greatly compromises cell wall integrity leading to cell lysis.
    Spectrum Enramycin has a strong antibacterial activity against Gram-positive bacteria and inhibits development of major gut flora pathogens. Resistance or cross-resistance with existing antibiotics has rarely been observed.
    Molecular Formula Enramycin A: C107H138Cl2N26O31
    Enramycin B: C108H140Cl2N26O31
    Solubility Acids (Dilute HCl): Freely soluble
    Dimethylformamide: Freely soluble
    Water: Slightly soluble
    References Fang X et al (2006) The mechanism of action of Ramoplanin and enduracidin. Royal Soc. Chem. 2: 69-76 PMID 16880924
    MIC Clostridium perfringins| 0.05 - 1.6|| Staphylococcus aureus| 0.013 - 0.413||