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    CAS Number: 165108-44-1

    Doramectin Monosaccharide

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    Doramectin Monosaccharide is an acid degradation product produced by selective hydrolysis of the terminal saccharide unit of doramectin. Doramectin Monosaccharide is a potent inhibitor of nematode larval development, but is devoid of paralytic activity. Despite the importance of doramectin as an anthelmintic in animal health, there are no published reports of the biological activity or the levels of Doramectin Monosaccharide in animals or in the environment.

    Doramectin Monosaccharide is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO.  

    Spectrum Doramectin has activity against parasites such as roundworms, lungworms, and eyeworms.
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