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    Diacetylcercosporin is a minor hydrophobic analogue of cercosporin produced by several species of the fungal genera, Cercospora and Septoria. Diacetylcercosporin has moderate in vitro activity against Leishmania and chloroquine-sensitive strains of Plasmodium falciparum. Diacetylcercosporin exhibits antitumor activity. Like other perylenequinones, the biological activity of diacetylcercosporin is significantly enhanced on light-activation.

    Diacetylcercosporin is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO.  
    ReferencesCercosporin. A pigment of Cercosporina kikuchii Matsumoto et Tomoyasu. I. Cultivation of fungus, isolation and purification of pigment. Kuyama S. & Tamura T. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1957, 79, 5725. .

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