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    CAS Number: 52-67-5


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    D-Penicillamine is a copper chelating agent that also functions as a disease-modifying, anti-rheumatic immunosuppressant, and a treatment for cystinuria.

    TOKU-E offers both D-penicillamine (P107) and L-penicillamine (P112). While they are enantiomers of each other with equal copper chelating ability, L-penicillamine has a high toxicity in humans.
    Mechanism of ActionD-Penicillamine treats cystinuria by disulfide exchaninge between d-penacillamine and cystine, the product of penicillamine-cysteine disulfide being much more soluble than cystine.
    ReferencesPurkiss, P., & Watts, R. W. (1977). Low Dose D-penicllamine in Cystinuria. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, 70(3), 27-30. Retrieved from