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    CAS Number: 37134-40-0

    Bicyclomycin benzoate

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    Bicyclomycin is a polar metabolite first isolated from Streptomyces sapporonensis in 1972, with activity against Gram negative bacteria. The selective Gram negative profile of bicyclomycin is rare among Streptomyces metabolites, and in an effort to overcome its poor in vivo absorption, the benzoate ester was prepared by reaction with the more exposed primary alcohol. Bicyclomycin benzoate has limited use as a veterinary antibiotic.

    Bicyclomycin is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO.  
    Molecular FormulaC19H22N2O8
    ReferencesBicyclomycin, a new antibiotic I. Taxonomy, isolation and characterization. Miyoshi T. et al. J. Antibiot. 1972, 25, 569. 

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