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    Temocillin Disodium

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    Temocillin Disodium is the salt of Temocillin, a semisynthetic, β-­lactamase-resistant carboxypenicillin antimicrobial. Temocillin is the 6-alpha-methoxy derivative of ticarcillin.  Temocillin is is used as an alternative to carbapenems and is primarily effective against Gram-negative bacteria.  Temocillin Disodium is soluble in water.  

    Mechanism of Action Like other β-lactams, Temocillin Disodium interferes with penicillin binding protein (PBP) activity involved in the final phase of peptidoglycan synthesis. PBB catalyzes the pentaglycine crosslink between alanine and lysine. Without a pentaglycine crosslink, the integrity of the cell wall is compromised which leads to cell lysis and death. Temocillin is resistant to most β-lactamases, but resistance is commonly due to cells containing plasmid-encoded β-lactamases.
    Spectrum Temocillin is active against several multi-resistant Gram-negative species including Salmonella typhimurium, E. coli, Haemophilus influenzae and others. In contrast, Gram-positive bacteria, bacteria with altered penicillin-binding proteins, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are not susceptible to temocillin.
    Microbiology Applications Temocillin is commonly used in clinical in vitro microbiological antimicrobial susceptibility tests (panels, discs, and MIC strips) against Gram-negative microbial isolates. Medical microbiologists use this information to recommend antibiotic treatment options. Representative MIC ranges include:
      • E. coli  1.00 µg/mL - 64.00 µg/mL
      • H. influenzae β-lactamase negative: 0.25 - 0.50 µg/ml
      • H. influenzae β-lactamase positive: 0.50 - 1.00 µg/ml
      • S. aureus  >128.00 µg/ml

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    Molecular Formula C16H18N2Na2O7S2

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    MIC Burkholderia cepacia| 2 - 64|| Citrobacter diversus| 8|| Citrobacter freundii| 2 - 8|| Enterobacter cloacae| 1 - 16|| Escherichia coli| 1 - 64|| Klebsiella pneumonia| 2 - 16|| Morganella morganii | 2|| Proteus vulgaris| 1|| Serratia marcescens| 16||