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    L-156602 is a cyclic hexapeptide isolated from a strain of Streptomyces by researchers at Merck USA and reported in 1991. L-156602 belongs to the aurantimycin class and, like other members, is active against Gram positive bacteria. L-156602 was foremost discovered as a competitive binding inhibitor of the inflammatory peptide, C5a, to cell surface receptors on macrophages. In vivo, L-156602 profoundly suppresses footpad edema induced by concanavalin A and completely suppresses the infiltration of mononuclear leukocytes and neutrophils into the site of inflammation.

    L-156602 is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF or DMSO.  
    Molecular FormulaC38H64N8O13
    ReferencesL-156,602, a C5a antagonist with a novel cyclic hexadepsipeptide structure from Streptomyces sp. MA6348. Fermentation, isolation and structure determination. Hensens O.D. et al. J. Antibiot. 1991, 44, 249.

    Anti-inflammatory effects and specificity of L-156,602: comparison of effects on concanavalin A and zymosan-induced footpad edema, and contact sensitivity response. Tsuji R.F. et al. Immunopharmacology 1995, 29, 79.