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    CAS Number: 220127-57-1

    Imatinib Mesylate

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    Imatinib mesylate is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor used primarily in the treatment of leukemia. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) cells contain a hybrid tyrosine kinase BCR/ABL that works to provide the cancer cell with ATP at an uncontrolled rate. Imatinib mesylate inhbiits this hybrid protein to slow cell growth and promote apoptosis.
    Mechanism of ActionImatinib mesylate binds to the ATP binding site of the BCR/ABL tyrosine kinase and stabilizes its inactive form.
    Molecular FormulaC29H31N7O•CH3SO3H
    ReferencesGoldman, J. M., & Melo, J. V. (2003). Chronic Myeloid Leukemia — Advances in Biology and New Approaches to Treatment. New England Journal of Medicine, 349(15), 1451-1464. doi:10.1056/nejmra020777

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