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    CAS Number: 59787-61-0

    Cyclosporin C, EvoPure®


    Cyclosporin C, EvoPure® is a hydroxylated metabolite of Cyclosporin A.  Cyclosporin C has similar immunosuppressant activity, but lower nephrotoxicity than Cyclosporin A.  Cyclosporin C also has antimycotic properties.

    EvoPure® products have been fully characterized by spectral analysis and are shipped with a comprehensive certificate of analysis containing lot-specific HPLC, MS, HNMR, and FTIR data.

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    Mechanism of Action Cyclosporin C and other metabolites of Cyclosporin A have lower immunosuppressant activity but most likely operate under the same mechanism as Cyclosporin A.  Cyclosporin A immunosuppressant activity stems from its ability to prevent T-cell activation by blocking specific cytokine transcription genes. After entering a T-cell, Cyclosporin A associates with ubiquitous cytosolic proteins called cyclophilins which aid in protein folding. Cyclosporin A:cyclophilin complexes together bind calcineurin, (another cytosolic protein) effectively blocking the pathway to IL-2 gene transcription and T-cell activation.
    Cancer Applications Cyclosporin metabolites can be used to study toxicity and immunosuppressant activity in various in vitro assays and experiments.
    Molecular Formula C62H111N11O13

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