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    CAS Number: 110-26-9

    Bis-Acrylamide Solution, 2%

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    Bis-acrylamide is the most frequently used cross-linking agent for protein separation applications in polyacrylamide gels.  TOKU-E offers two forms of bis-acrylamide: bis-acrylamide (B011, powder) and bis-acrylamide solution, 2% (B031). Bis-acrylamide powder is soluble in water (20 mg/mL) and bis-acrylamide solution, 2% is a standard solution used in most electrophoresis applications.

    Microbiology ApplicationsAcrylamide and bis-acrylamide can be synthetically modified into new polymers and compounds with antibacterial properties.
    Electrophoresis ApplicationsBis-acrylamide solution is used to create cross-links between acrylamide to generate polyacrylamide gel in electrophoresis gels. The ratio of bis-acrylamide to acrylamide manipulates the porous characteristics of the polyacrylamide gel.
    Molecular FormulaC7H10N2O2
    Assay(Powder) - Not less than 99.2%
    Conductivity (2% in Water) - Not more than 5 µS/cm
    Acrylic Acid - Not more than 0.001%
    ReferencesZhang, Anqiang. "Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activities of Acrylamide Polymers Containing Quaternary Ammonium Salts on Bacteria and Phytopathogenic Fungi." Reactive and Functional Polymers 88 (2015): 39-46. Web.