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    CAS Number: 642-15-9

    Antimycin A1

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    Antimycin A1 is the most hydrophobic of the four analogs of the Antimycin A complex. Although broadly active as respiration inhibitors, more recent investigation has highlighted the importance of individual members of the complex as bioprobes.

    Antimycin A1 is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO.

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    Mechanism of Action Antimycin A1 inhibits angiogenesis via a decrease in VEGF production caused by inhibition of HIF-1a activation.
    Molecular Formula C28H40N2O9
    References Antimycin A1, an antibiotic with insecticidal and miticidal properties. Kido G.S. & Spyhalski E. Science 1950, 112, 172.

    Inhibition of angiogenesis and HIF-1a activity by antimycin A1. Maeda M. et al. Biol. Pharm. Bull. 2006, 29, 1344.