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    Staurosporine is an unusual indolocarbazole alkaloid produced by a range of actinomycete species. It is a potent antitumor active, inducing apoptosis in a variety of cell lines. At submicromolar concentrations, staurosporine inhibits both IKKalpha and IKKbeta.

    Staurosporine is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO.
    Mechanism of ActionStaurosporine is a potent inhibitor of many kinases including protein kinase C, tyrosine kinase, CDK2/cyclin A and CDK4/cyclin D.
    Molecular FormulaC28H26N4O3
    ReferencesIkappaB kinases alpha and beta show a random sequential kinetic mechanism and are inhibited by staurosporine and quercetin. Peet G.W. et al. J. Biol. Chem. 1999, 274, 32655.

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