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    Selamectin is a semi-synthetic avermectin derivative prepared by selective hydrolysis and oximation of doramectin. Selamectin is a potent nematocide used for the treatment of endo- and exo- parasites of domestic animals, notably cats and dogs.

    Selamectin is soluble in ethanol, methanol, DMF and DMSO.
    Mechanism of ActionSelamectin selectively binds to parasite glutamate-gated chloride ion channels and disrupts neurotransmission leading to paralysis and death of the parasite.
    ReferencesAvermectins and flea control: structure-activity relationships and the selection of selamectin for development as an endectocide for companion animals. Banks B.J. Bioorg Med Chem. 2000, 8, 2017.