Product Catalogs

Complete Catalog

Our complete catalog is an alphabetical comprehensive product list which includes all products offered by TOKU-E including antimicrobials, media supplements, plant hormones, and more.

Microbiology Catalog

The TOKU-E microbiology catalog offers an extensive list of antibiotics that cover >95% of all antibiotics used in the AST industry.  In addition, the microbiology catalog contains cell culture products including vitamins and other growth supplements.  Product details including CAS number, molecular formula, and storage temperature are also provided.

Plant Catalog

The TOKU-E plant catalog contains a number of growth media supplements including vitamins, growth regulators, and other plant culture reagents. Additionally,  you can find a wide range of antibiotics which specifically target common plant pathogens.

Cell Biology Catalog

Cell and molecular biologists will benefit from TOKU-E’s wide selection of supplements and reagents including, but not limited to, antibiotics, amino acids, vitamins, and growth factors routinely used in mammalian cell culture.

Electrophoresis Catalog

TOKU-E’s line of innovative electrophoresis reagents are purified using proprietary techniques to provide a product of exceptional purity giving researchers the consistency they need to improve their results. Make your gel electrophoresis workflow as novel as your thinking by using TOKU-E electrophoresis products.