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    CAS Number: 97-18-7


    Bithionol is an anti-parasitic drug and has recently been found to have anti-ovarian cancer properties. In one study, bithionol inhibited all tested ovarian cancer cell lines with IC50 values from 19 µM - 60 µM.
    Mechanism of ActionThe mechanism of action of bithionol is not completely understood but is thought to inhibit cancer cell growth by reactive oxygen species generation, NF-kB inhibition and autotaxin inhibition.
    Molecular FormulaC12H6Cl4O2S
    ReferencesAyyagari, Vijayalakshmi N., and Laurent Brard. "Bithionol Inhibits Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth In Vitro - Studies on Mechanism(s) of Action." BMC Cancer 14.1 (2014): 61.