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    CAS Number: 630420-16-5


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    Asunaprevir is a tripeptidic acylsulfonamide antiviral compound and is currently being used as an experimental drug fro the treatment of hepatitis C.
    Mechanism of ActionAsunaprevir targets and inhibits the NS3 protease enzyme which is essential for HCV replication.
    Impurity ProfileRelated substances:
    Any impurity: Not more than 0.3%
    Total impurities: Not more than 1.0%
    Molecular FormulaC35H46ClN5O9S
    Residual SolventsTetrahydrofuran: Not more than 0.072%
    Ethanol: Not more than 0.5%
    Ethyl Acetate: Not more than 0.5%
    ReferencesGentile, Ivan, Antonio Riccardo Buonomo, Emanuela Zappulo, Giuseppina Minei, Filomena Morisco, Francesco Borrelli, Nicola Coppola, and Guglielmo Borgia. "Asunaprevir, a Protease Inhibitor for the Treatment of Hepatitis C Infection." Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management TCRM (2014): 493.