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    Anidulafungin is a semi-synthetic echinocandin derivative and antifungal effective against Candida spp.   Anidulafungin inhibits fungal cell wall synthesis. It is useful in pharmacotherapy and cell culture research applications.  It is used against the yeast causing candidemia (blood), Candida peritonitis (stomach), and fungi causing causing esophageal candidiasis (esophagus), along with other fungi.

    Anidulafungin is slightly soluble in DMSO but practically insoluble in water.

    Mechanism of Action Anidulafungin inhibits the enzyme (1→3)-β-D-glucan synthase, which is important in fungal cell wall synthesis.  The enzyme is not found in mammalian systems.
    Spectrum Anidulafungin is active against Candida and Aspergillus spp.
    Eukaryotic Cell Culture Applications Since the compound selectively targets fungal cells and does not exhibit cytotoxicity to mammalian cells in vitro (Harris and Coote, 2010), it is useful in cell culture to combat Candida and Aspergillus spp.
    Molecular Formula C58H73N7O17

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