Plant Biology

Plant biology, genetic engineering, altering plant growth characteristics.

Plant biology refers to the science and study of plants. Plant characteristics and growth can be altered in a number of ways which include genetic engineering and the use of various growth regulators or hormones. DNA can be introduced to plants by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation or other methods where a gene of interest on a plasmid is transferred from Agrobacterium cells and integrated into plant tissues. Plants are also susceptible to bacterial and fungal phytopathogens which can be controlled or eliminated by the use of low toxicity antibiotics and antimycotics.

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Folic acid, USP packaged and labeled.
Folic acid or vitamin B9 and the resulting metabolites are essential to a number of organisms.  Folic acid is slightly soluble in aqueous solution (0.076 mg/mL) and...
Gentamicin sulfate, USP packaged and labeled.
Gentamicin Sulfate USP is an aminoglycoside antibiotic used to control bacterial contamination.
Meropenem with sodium carbonate packaged and labeled.

Meropenem with sodium carbonate is a salt form of Meropenem, a β-lactam carbapenem.

Nystatin packaged and labeled.
Nystatin is a sparingly soluble (0.360 mg/mL) fungicidal and fungistatic polyene antifungal.
Penigequinolone A packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Penigequinolone A is a rare fungal metabolite produced by selected Penicillium species. Penigequinolone A is isolated...
Phleomycin is a complex of copper-containing glycopeptides. This member of the bleomycin...
Pyoluteorin packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Pyoluteorin is a small chlorinated pyrrol produced by several species of Pseudomonas, first...
Riboflavin packaged and labeled.
Riboflavin is a sparingly soluble (0.085 mg/mL) member of the B vitamins (B2) and serves as a derivative of many flavoproteins...
Ticarcillin disodium w/Clavulanate potassium (15:1)  packaged and labeled.
Ticarcillin disodium w/ Clavulanate Potassium (15:1) or Timentin is a 15:1 mixture of…
Tobramycin sulfate, USP packaged and labeled.
Tobramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic derived from Streptomyces tenebrarius...
α-Naphthaleneacetic acid (1-NAA) packaged and labeled in glass bottle.
α-Naphthaleneacetic (1-NAA) acid is a synthetic auxin plant hormone and is routinely used for the vegetative propagation of plants...
(±)-cis,trans-Abscisic acid packaged and labeled.

(±)-Abscisic Acid (synthetic) is the synthetic form of Abscisic Acid (ABA).

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