Plant Biology

Plant biology, genetic engineering, altering plant growth characteristics.

Plant biology refers to the science and study of plants. Plant characteristics and growth can be altered in a number of ways which include genetic engineering and the use of various growth regulators or hormones. DNA can be introduced to plants by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation or other methods where a gene of interest on a plasmid is transferred from Agrobacterium cells and integrated into plant tissues. Plants are also susceptible to bacterial and fungal phytopathogens which can be controlled or eliminated by the use of low toxicity antibiotics and antimycotics.

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Siomycin A packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Siomycin is a macrocyclic antibiotic with potent and selective antibacterial activity discovered in 1969. Siomycin...
Thidiazuron packaged and labeled in glass bottle.
Thidazuron is a cytokinin-lilke plant hormone routinely used to promote plant tissue regeneration.
Tobramycin packaged and labeled.
Tobramycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic derived from Streptomyces tenebrarius...
Toxoflavin packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Toxoflavin (PKF 118-310) is an azapteridine antibiotic produced by Burkholderia gladioli, that has shown potent anticancer and antibiotic properties.  It is an effective antagonist of Tcf4/b-catenin signaling as well as an inhibitor of multiple anticancer targets, such as Survivin, KDM4A, and SIRT1/2.
Caspofungin acetate packaged and labeled.

Caspofungin Acetate is a lipopeptide echinocandin antifungal and inhibitor of β(1,3)-D-Glucan synthase.

Chloramphenicol packaged and labeled.
Chloramphenicol is a broad-spectrum bacteriostatic antimicrobial that inhibits bacterial protein synthesis.
Hygromycin B, EvoPure (Low Endotoxin)
Hygromycin B, EvoPure® (Low Endotoxin) has a strict endotoxin content of ≤10 EU/mg.
Kanamycin acid sulfate packaged and labeled.
Kanamycin is an aminoglycoside antibiotic often used to select for bacteria which have been successfully...
Miconazole packaged and labeled.
Miconazole is an imidazole antimycotic compound. Miconazole targets fungi that cause tinea...
Piericidin A packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Piericidin A is the major analogue of a family of pyridyl antibiotics isolated from selected Streptomyces species...
Pyrenophorol packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Pyrenophorol is a simple macrocyclic dilactone produced by a number of species of pathogenic...
Chlortetracycline HCl, EP packaged and labeled.
Chlorotetracycline HCl, EP is tetracycline antibiotic and the first antibiotic of the tetracycline class to be...
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