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The TOKU-E product line is frequently updated with new antimicrobials and EvoPure® grade antimicrobial congeners and impurities. If you can not find a product you are looking for, or you are interested in a custom synthesized product, please contact us.
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MycoRid™ Solution (1000x) is a highly stable...
De-Plasma™ II
De-Plasma™ II is a safe, effective treatment for Mycoplasma infection in cell culture.
Rifampicin Solution (10mg/mL in water), Sterile Filtered
Rifampicin Solution is fully soluble in water, and our pre-made stock solutions are easier...
Bacitracin, Ultrapure packaged and labeled.
Bacitracin is a mixture of various related polypeptide antibiotic compounds derived from the bacterium, Bacillus subtilis.
Methotrexate, EvoPure<sup>&reg;</sup>

Methotrexate, EvoPure® has been highly purified and is suitable for use in upstream bioprocessing.

Nourseothricin (Streptothricin) Sulfate
Nourseothricin is an antibiotic in the Streptothricin class of antibiotics.
Tenofovir Alafenamide
Tenofovir alafenamide is an antiretroviral used for HIV research.
L-Methionine sulfoximine, EvoPure<sup>&reg;</sup>

L-Methionine Sulfoximine, EvoPure®  is an inhibitor of the enzyme glutamine synthetase used as a selection agent in bioprocessing.

Cycloheximide, Ultrapure packaged and labeled.
Cycloheximide CulturePure® is a purified version (≥98% pure) of Cycloheximide.
Bilastine is a second-generation antihistamine...
Avibactam sodium
Avibactam sodium is a β-lactamase inhibitor that inhibits class A and class C enzymes.
Flomoxef Sodium

Flomoxef Sodium is a broad-spectrum β -lactam inhibitor with antibiotic properties.

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