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Location: Bellingham, WA

Contact Person: Sarah Whitman, Human Resources - [email protected]

TOKU-E Company is seeking an individual who is ready to take their career to the next level by joining our team as a Digital Marketing Associate. This position gives you the chance to explore, learn and specialize in different digital marketing tools and strategies. Those with a bachelor’s degree in biology, chemistry or the life sciences, and who are interested and willing to learn about digital marketing are encouraged to apply!.

We’re looking for a team leader who has a strong interest in marketing, strategizing, planning, and delivering digital content and media campaigns. A background in the biology, chemistry or life science industry is required. In-house training in Singapore will be given. Our team will provide constructive feedback to help guide your career as a Digital Marketing Associate within our company.

As a Digital Marketing Associate, you will be expected to:

  • Lead and coordinate all digital advertising campaigns, digital content creation, and influencer projects
  • Develop effective and creative digital campaign strategies with a clear understanding of marketing goals
  • Manage the projects including content, influencer, and social media campaigns: coordinating with internal departments and scientists
  • Monitor the daily performance of campaigns and optimize as needed to ensure all campaigns deliver on the management’s targets effectively
  • Interact and coordinate with the sales team and team members in other departments while working on shared accounts and product databases
  • Travel for on the job training at our APAC office which is located in Singapore


  • You’re a self-starter, who can clearly demonstrate your ability to get things done with and without supervision, and understands what it means to deliver excellence
  • You think logically, even under pressure, and come up with innovative solutions to problems
  • Possess good team spirit and strong passion for digital marketing


Compensation includes: base salary and health and medical benefits and insurance, PTO, and 401K.

For individuals who are interested in joining our team, please submit your cover letter and resume to our Human Resources Manager:

Sarah Whitman

[email protected]

TOKU-E is a biotechnology company that manufactures and sells antibiotics and chemical reagents for in-vitro scientific research.

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