Contamination Control

Bacterial plant pathogens and control with antibiotics.

Much like mammalian cells, plant tissues are susceptible to fungal and bacterial phytopathogens which can cause serious diseases. Bacterial pathogens can cause disease though five major pathogenicity factors which include toxins, effector proteins, exopolysaccharides, phytohormones, and cell wall degrading enzymes. Notable phytopathogenic bacterial genera include Agrobacterium, Burkholderia, Xanthomonas, and Pseudomonas; all of which can be controlled by the use of antibiotics with low toxicity to plant tissues.

Which of the following organisms are you having issues with?
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3'-Ethoxy-spinosyn L, EvoPure� packaged and labeled in glass vial.

3'-Ethoxyspinosyn L is a minor component of Spinetoram, a member of the Spinosyn family of bio-insecticides. 

Amoxicillin/Clavulanate (augmentin) packaged and labeled.
Amoxicillin : Potassium Clavulanate (2:1) is a combination of Amoxicillin Trihydrate and Potassium Clavulanate (Clavulanic Acid).
Amphotericin B, USP packaged and labeled in glass bottle.
Amphotericin B, USP is a polyene antifungal/antimycotic compound derived from Streptomyces nodosus.
Chloramphenicol, Solution (50 mg/ml) packaged and labeled.
Chloramphenicol, Solution (50 mg/ml), is a ready-made solution of Chloramphenicol dissolved in ethanol at 50 mg/ml.  
Erythromycin packaged and labeled.
Erythromycin is a macrolide antibiotic derived from Saccharopolyspora erythraea (formerly Streptomyces erythraeus).
Neomycin sulfate, USP packaged and labeled.
Neomycin Sulfate, USP is a broad-spectrum aminoglycoside antibiotic.
Streptomycin sulfate packaged and labeled.
Streptomycin sulfate is an aminoglycoside used alone or in combination with penicillin in cell culture to...
Sulbactam sodium packaged and labeled.
Sulbactam sodium is a β-lactamase inhibitor used to increase potency of β-lactam antibiotics.

Tetracycline, EP packaged and labeled.
Tetracycline is a bacteriostatic polyketide antibiotic. Tetracycline HCl inhibits protein synthesis by preventing amino-acyl tRNA...
3'-Ethoxy-spinosyn L 17-pseudoaglycone, EvoPure� packaged and labeled in glass vial.
3'-Ethoxy-Spinosyn L 17-pseudoaglycone is a metabolite of Spinosyn L with weak insecticidal activity.
Cefotaxime sodium, USP packaged and labeled.
Cefotaxime sodium is a third generation cephalosporin antibiotic.TOKU-E offers two forms of cefotaxime...
Paromomycin sulfate packaged and labeled.
Paromomycin sulfate is a freely soluble (50 mg/mL) aminoglycoside antibacterial and antiparasitic drug...
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