BioActive Small Molecules

Bioactive small molecules are organic compounds that...
Bioactive small molecules are organic compounds that have a low molecular weight (<900 daltons).  Most pharmaceutical drugs are small molecules.  Larger structures such as nucleic acids, proteins, and many polysaccharides are not small molecules. 

BioActive Small Molecules Categories

Alvimopan is small molecule mu-opioid receptor antagonist.
Tenofovir Alafenamide
Tenofovir alafenamide is an antiretroviral used for HIV research.
Argatroban is a potent thrombin inhibitor used as an anticoagulant.
Fondaparinux Sodium
Fondaprinux is pentasaccharide and an anticoagulant related to heparin.
Oseltamivir Phosphate
Oseltamivir Phosphate is an inhibitor of influenza viral neuraminidase.
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Posaconazole is broad-spectrum antifungal triazole.

Bilastine is a second-generation antihistamine...
Cinacalcet Hydrochloride
Cinacalcet HCl is the hydrochloride salt of the calcimimetic Cinacalcet.