Antimicrobial is a generic, catch-all term for any compound or agent that inhibits the growth of, or kills microorganisms. More specific classes of antimicrobials include:

  • Antibiotics - also known as antibacterials, kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria.
  • Antimycotics - also known as antifungals, kill or inhibit the growth of fungi.
  • Antiparasitics - kill or inhibit the growth of parasites.
  • Antivirals - destroy or inhibit development of viruses.
  • Chemotherapeutics - agents used to target cancer cells.
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Ethionamide packaged and labeled.
Ethionamide is a sparinlgy soluble (0.839 mg/mL) thioamide anti-Mycobacterium antibiotic.
Fluconazole packaged and labeled.
Fluconazole is an insoluble (0.001 mg/mL) fungistatic triazole antifungal. Fluconazole is a broad spectrum antimycotic...
Fusapyrone packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Fusapyrone is a broad spectrum antifungal metabolite isolated from several Fusarium species, first reported in 1994. Fusapyrone...
Oligomycin E, EvoPure� packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Oligomycin E (26-hydroxyoligomycin B) is a minor metabolite from the oligomycin complex produced by several species of...
Penicillin G potassium, USP packaged and labeled.
Penicillin is a member of the β-lactam antibiotics and was one of the first discovered antibiotics.TOKU-E offers...
Selamectin packaged and labeled in glass vial.
Selamectin is a semi-synthetic avermectin derivative prepared by selective hydrolysis and oximation of...
TAN 420C packaged and labeled in glass vial.
TAN 420C is a minor analogue of the herbimycin complex, isolated from Streptomyces hygroscopicus...
Aztreonam packaged and labeled.
Aztreonam is a β-lactam antibiotic known as a monobactam because of its unique structure which...
Cefminox sodium packaged and labeled.
Cefminox sodium is a second generation cephalosporin antibiotic. Like β-lactams, cephalosporins interfere with PBP (penicillin...
Ceftazidime pentahydrate packaged and labeled.
Ceftazidime pentahydrate is a third generation cephalosporin antibiotic and is sparingly soluble in aqueous...
Griseofulvin packaged and labeled.
Griseofulvin is an insoluble (8.64 µg/mL) fungistatic antifungal.
Isoniazid packaged and labeled.
Isoniazid is a freely soluble (140 mg/mL) bactericidal and bacteriostatic anti-tuberculosis agent.
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