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TOKU-E has developed reference tools designed to primarily serve and enrich the work of micro and cell biologists, life-science professionals, and the worldwide scientific community at large.

Antibiotic Solubility Data Table

Antibiotic solubility data is not always provided by antibiotic and chemical suppliers and researching for alternative resources can be very time consuming and unproductive. In order to save you time, TOKU-E Company has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently used antimicrobial, plant biology, and anticancer compounds along with detailed solubility data for each compound.

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Antibiotic Classification and General Information

Today, there are an overwhelming amount of antibiotics and antimicrobial compounds used in clinical settings and in vitro research applications. With hard to pronounce names and various mechanisms of action, understanding antibiotics can be quite a challenging task. We have designed a few diagrams which organize and group antibiotics based on their mechanism of action and molecular structure. Hopefully, you'll find the world of antibiotics isn't as intimidating as you imagined!

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Product Protocols

TOKU-E has developed protocols for several key products including eukaryotic cell culture selection antibiotics and microbiology selective supplements. 

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Antimicrobial Index

The online version of The Antimicrobial Index allows users to cross-reference literature-based susceptibility data with hundreds of antibiotics, thus allowing for more informed and efficient use of antimicrobials. Currently, the index contains both susceptibility and potency data for thousands of microorganisms and antimicrobial agents. Current data includes: over 69,300 microorganisms (7,850 unique strains) and 4,100 antimicrobial agents.

  • SEARCH susceptibility and potency data for thousands of microorganisms and antimicrobial agents with TOKU-E’s Antimicrobial Index.

    Antimicrobial Index

Cell Culture Database

The Cell Culture Database was built to help scientists choose the most effective media and antibiotics for their cells. In addition, the database suggests ideal concentrations and combinations of antibiotics for selection and transfection experiments and even locates literature relevant to cell lines and plasmids/vectors of interest.

  • NEED HELP? Choose the most effective media and antibiotics for your cells and determine ideal concentrations using the cell culture database.

    Cell Culture Database