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  • Description

    Adenine sulfate acts as a cytokinin biosynthesis precursor and is frequently used in plant tissue culture (Sakakibare, 2006).

    • Plant Biology Applications

      Adenine sulfate is a freely soluble cytokinin plant hormone precursor.The plant hormone cytokinin is predominantly found and produced in plant root tips and facilitates cell division and shoot formation and delays leaf senescence (Raven et al., 1999). The promotion of shoot formation by adenine sulfate was observed by Jana and Shekhawat (2011). In the study, 5.0 mg/l adenine sulfate resulted in the largest regeneration rate of Dill in tissue culture; however, this concentration was not verified to be optimum.



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    For in vitro research use only. Not suitable for human or animal consumption.

  • CAS Number321-30-2
    Molecular FormulaC5H5N5 •0.5 H2SO4
    Molecular Weight184.16
    AppearanceWhite or off-white crystals
    Purity Level≥99.0%
    SolubilityWater: Slightly Soluble
    Melting Point285 °C
    Storage Conditions2-8 °C
  • References

    Jana S. and Shekhawat G.S., 2011, Plant growth regulators, adenine sulfate and carbohydrates regulate organogenesis and in vitro flowering of Anethum graveolens, Acta Physiol Plant (2011) 33:305–311

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