1. How long does shipping usually take?
We usually do next day shipping. Other shipping methods are provided upon request.

2. How much is shipping?
Because shipping price varies widely based on weight and hazardous classification, it is difficult to provide a fixed shipping estimate.  For a specific shipping quote, please contact us by phone toll free at 1-888-71-TOKU-E(86583) or 360-734-1789 or by email at [email protected]

3. Do I have to pay sales tax?
You will only pay sales tax if the shipping destination is in the state of Washington.

4. How do you package your products?
Our products are carefully packaged based on shipping and storage requirements. Some products require special packaging that may increase shipping cost.

5. What do I do if I cannot find the package size I want?
If you cannot find the package size you want, please contact us and we can custom package to meet your needs. Packaging fee is applied.

6. What is the best reason for me to consider TOKU-E as an antimicrobial supplier?
Since we are a primary manufacturer of a wide range of antimicrobial products, we’re able to provide you with the products you need at competitive prices and unbeatable service.

7. How do I know which antimicrobial to use for my research?
TOKU-E is full of resources to help you determine which antimicrobial to use for your research. TOKU-E’s website categorizes its antimicrobials by function, structure, and name. You can easily find the products for your research based on what kind of media you are working with. Also, TOKU-E’s one-of-the-kind reference tool, Antimicrobial Index, is designed to primarily serve and enrich the work of micro and cell biologists, life-science professionals and the worldwide scientific community at large.

8. What does TOKU-E mean?
TOKU-E was originally called TOKUICHI, which means “Moral First” in Japanese.

9. How can I get a discount on TOKU-E products?
TOKU-E provides significant discounts on high volume orders and also frequently runs promotions on popular items. Please check our website for details.

10. Does TOKU-E custom manufacture products?
Yes. TOKU-E’s abilities reach far beyond its product catalog. We will custom make hard-to-find antimicrobials specifically for your application.

11. Where can I get a MSDS/CofA sheet for products I have ordered?
The CofA is included in each shipment, and MSDS is available upon request.

12. What is TOKU-E’s return policy?
Contact customer service for all returns. A 20% restocking fee will be applied for non-temperature sensitive items ordered in error. Temperature sensitive items ordered in error can not be returned.

13. Where can I buy TOKU-E Products?
TOKU-E offers a wide variety of antimicrobials and life science reagents. Our products are available online and by phone, as well as in the Bio-Chem store in select institutions. Bulk quantities and special packaging are offered upon request.

14. Can I use products from TOKU-E for human or animal use?
No. All of our products are for in vitro laboratory use only. They cannot be used for human or animal consumption.

15. There is an error on my invoice. What should I do?
If an error has occurred on your invoice, please contact customer service and we will make the revision.

16. What are my payment options?
You have the option of paying with a credit card or purchase order. We accept all major credit cards.

17. How do I purchase online?
To place an order on www.TOKU-E.com, 

  1. Type the product name in the search bar and click "Search."
  2. Click on the product page and click the "Add to Cart" button next to the quantity of product you would like to order. 
  3. Once you are content with the items in your basket, click the "Checkout" button. 
  4. Enter in the required billing address information and click "Continue Checkout." 
  5. If the product will be shipping within the United States, choose a shipping method from the "Select Shipping Method" drop down menu on the bottom right of the page.
  6. Click "continue" to proceed to the payment page and enter in your credit card information.
  7. Once you have entered in your payment information, click "Complete Your Order."
  8. You have successfully purchased online and you will receive a confirmation email.

If you run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected] or 360-734-1789.

18. What are dangerous goods?
Dangerous goods are defined as any solid, liquid, or gas that can potentially harm people, other living organisms, and the environment. Approximately 22 of our products are classified as dangerous goods and may require additional fees during shipment. To learn more about packaging options to avoid dangerous goods shipping fees, click here.

19. What is the difference between "purity" and "assay"? Can these two terms be used interchangeably?
The term "assay" refers to either a microbial bio-assay or chromatography based purity assay. Bio-assay results are determined by testing a compound of unknown potency against certain microorganisms and recording how effective the compound was at inhibiting microbial growth and comparing this result with the potency of the reference standard. Purity assay results are determined by comparing HPLC peak responses of the compound to be tested with those obtained from the appropriate reference standards. These two terms can not always be used interchangeably. Click here for more information.