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We have recently added over 400 microbiology products including routinely used agar and broth media formulations and related supplements to our expanding catalog. Several types of media are available from nutrient media to specialty chromogenic media suitable for all microbiology media needs. Media supplements include a wide variety of growth, selective, and differential supplements. 

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TOKU-E manufactures ultrapure antimicrobials and fine chemicals for use in life science research – not drugs for human or animal use. The range of antimicrobials produced are designed for gene selection, cell culture, microbiology, antimycoplasma, diagnostic and other applications. Fine chemicals include products such as acrylamide, SDS, guanidine salts, and EvoPure® grade antimicrobials. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company,   TOKU-E adheres to the highest standards.

TOKU-E frequently custom synthesizes both chemical and antimicrobial products according to customer specifications. Whether that means meeting difficult specifications for common products, producing products that have disappeared from the market, or generating new products to meet today’s needs, TOKU-E is always eager to help you get the products that you need, when you need them, and at a fair price.

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TOKU-E Company is a proud sponsor of the ResearchAnt Foundation and supports its goal to characterize and make unique, high purity reference materials. To learn more about the ResearchAnt Foundation, click on the image above.

TOKU-E provided a superior product at the best price. Peter and Bryan were amazing--they went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied as a customer, giving me the kind of personal attention and intelligent insight that has earned my repeat business.  I will definitely check with TOKU-E first for my next specialty chemical purchase.

Scott L., Assistant Professor,
Hofstra University

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